Luxury Spa Experiences

Rs.1499/- FULL BODY MASSAGE – 60 Min

Our SPA consists of wonderful, highly trained and friendly staff waiting to pamper you as you visit for any of our fabulous services to enrich your senses and de-stress your mind, body and soul. Our welcoming staff and peaceful environment ensures that our customers are able to relax for few hours, away from hustle and bustle of the life.

Natural Beauty

Face, Body & Foot Treatments

Duration: 30/45 minutes: Your head, neck and shoulders carry the weight of the world on them. Whether it is your child or your laptop bag, a strong upper body will help you stand tall and face whatever your daily routine hands out.

Duration: 30/45 minutes: With wind, fire, earth, water, essential oils. According to the element you belong to, special essential oils are used to massage the feet to treat and balance the element. It promotes good health along with muscular and emotional relaxation. It counters the stress of your feet endured every day.

Monday to Friday:                            Timing – 11:00 AM TO 3:00PM

Any type of Massage………. 999          Duration- 45 mins

Body Polish…………………..  2499        Duration – 60 mins




Royal Thai Massage

Experience the healing powers of the Royal Thai Massage.The Royal Thai Massage is an ancient healing system that combines acupressure with ancient Indian Ayurveda principles and assisted yoga postures.


Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massages are a wonderful way to indulge in deep relaxation. The masseuse uses soothing massage techniques along with aromatic essential oils. It is a restorative experience that will leave you relaxed and at peace.


Swedish Massage

The iconic massage therapy of the West.Based on the western concept of anatomy and physiology, (as against the eastern style of energy-centric treatments) this is the definitive and most popular “massage therapy”.


Deep Tissue Massage

Relieves muscular tension and restores balance of your system .The massage effect penetrates into the muscles, soft tissues and veins, relaxing toxins from the body .It helps in maintaining an active life and helps in relieving stress.


Warm Aromatic Candle Massage

A candle for fabulous n sparkling body.In an Aromatic Candle Massage, the candle works as a massage oil and moisturizing lotion at the same time. These are special candles purpose-made to deliver the aroma, with low-temperature melting and moisturizing qualities. The Aromatic Candle Massage is known to balance the body, mind, and spirit and leave you feeling rejuvenated and positive.


Balinese Massage

The exotic massage of South East Asia .This is a style of massage that was developed in the Indonesian province of Bali – where the ancient medical traditions of India, China, and South East Asia co-mingled.


Four Hands Massage

The Four-Hands Massage is a medium pressure massage with two therapists working in synchronicity on your body. With two therapists and four hands working simultaneously, you experience double the impact and relief you could expect otherwise.


Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

Book a treatment this month and receive a 20% on all further treatments.